Etheric plane

Phrases expressing Metaphysical / Spiritual Truth are sprinkled throughout our language. We use them often without realizing the full implications of them. We hear athletes and movie stars and rap singers use the phrase "everything happens for a reason" when describing how God helped them to win the game or the award or what have you. "Every cloud has a silver lining" or "what goes around, comes around" or "giving your power away" are just a few of the phrases that we use without ever being conscious of the elemental Truths that spawned the phrases - or the power to change our experience of life that are contained in these nuggets of Truth.
"The level that most people are not aware of, and that is important for the focus of this column, is energetically. When we give power away to other people because our relationship with self is dysfunctional, we actually allow cords of energy to tie us to those people. These cords (ribbons, cables, tethers, threads, strands) of energy exist on the Etheric plane - which is where the Life Force energy runs through the chakra system.

We can literally be drained of our Life Force by these dysfunctional connections to other people. All of us learned to allow ourselves to both be drained of Life Force by others as well as to steal Life Force energy from others to survive. We need to steal Life Force energy from others because we are blocked from clearly accessing our own Life Force energy by our dysfunctional relationship with self. Because our inner channel is not clear. In clearing up our inner channel to tune into the higher vibrational emotional energy of Light, Love, Joy, and Truth, we are also accessing our own Life Force energy. (The Life Force energy and the vibrational range of Light, Love, Joy, Truth, and Beauty are not the same thing but they are intimately interrelated.)

So, when I talk about giving our power away on an energetic level, it is an actual drain of energy, of power. Our codependence / ego defense system is set up to help us survive by trying to keep us from being drained of power at the same time it tries to steal energy from outside sources. Since we cannot clearly access the Source energy we have available to us to within, we look externally for sources of power and energy.

Codependency is outer or external dependence. We are dependent on outer or external sources to feed us the energy we need to survive. We make people, places, and things and/or money, property and prestige the Higher Power that we look to as the source of our energy, our power.

We are attached to those things literally on an energetic level by the cords of energy that are created on the Etheric plane due to the relationship between the bodies of our being that exist on that plane - which includes our mental and emotional bodies." - The True Nature of Love - part 4, Energetic Clarity
The series of article on The True Nature of Love that I wrote in 1999, is a series where I talk about metaphysical levels of the disease and recovery process in a way that I don't think I have anywhere else except in my Journal. That is very interesting to me considering my life circumstances in 1999. I will be talking about that more specifically in the next chapter. I mention it here because I am using some long quotes from that series in describing the metaphysical levels I am discussing in this and the next chapter (including a quote in the Grieving article portion of this chapter.)

I want to again emphasis that it is not necessary to understand all of this metaphysical stuff. What is important is to feel the resonance of Truth that will help you remember that it is all perfect when looked at from a large enough paradigm. Emotional energy is generated in our emotional body on the Etheric plane. That is where the chakra system exists. Many of you have probably had energy work done that helps you to understand that there is Truth in the ancient Chinese techniques of acupuncture. That there are energy junctions in our body - that are not acknowledged in traditional Western medicine - that do affect our physical bodies.

Opening up your imagination to remembering that this human experience includes dimensions and levels that are not concrete and rational from a three-dimensional perspective will help you to change your relationship with your own emotions. Emotions are energy. They exist on a level of reality that needs to be honored and respected if we are going to heal our relationship with ourselves. Discounting emotions is dysfunctional if our goal is to see ourselves and our relationships clearly enough to heal and tune into Love and Joy. - Attack on America - September 11, 2001 A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness Chapter 8 At War Within
(The energy vortex interaction that I wrote about in the above quotes is the reason that spiral is one of the most powerful ancient symbols. I include an excerpt from my Journal about the importance to me of the spiral and it's presence in my book on one of the pages of my web site that originally just included some helpful handouts.)

(The reference above to my life circumstances when I wrote the True Nature of Love series of articles is something that I mentioned in a quote in the Law of Attraction article - that I wrote them while I was homeless for 6 months in 1999.  That story is on my Joy2MeU biography page.)

"The chakra system of the human body exists on the Etheric plane in the subtle body. The chakras are bioenergetic centers which are gateways through which the flowing energy of the higher frequencies, including the Life Force, enter the human body. These energies then are dispersed throughout the chakra energy system. (The pressure points of acupuncture are smaller energy centers - junctions in the network - of the chakra system.) Each chakra can be thought of as acting like a physical heart, in that energy is flowing into and out of the different levels of the system through each chakra, just as blood flows into and out of the heart. (The heart is in fact a physical representation of the chakras, with blood being a physical symbol of the Life Force energy. The heart is, of course, part of a closed system while the chakra system is open to the Universal flow.) Just as blood nourishes and feeds the physical body, so does the energy of the higher frequencies nourish and feed the bodies of the spirit - including the physical body." - The Dance of the Wounded Souls Trilogy Book 1 History of the Universe Part VI "Notes to Earthlings"