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I posted this page last night ending it with the quote from my book - and then woke up this morning knowing that it wasn't quite finished. I used a lot of quotes from writings that I wrote years ago for these two articles, because I don't write much about the metaphysical and cosmic perspectives these days. Not because I don't believe them any more - but because they aren't really important in my day to day life now. As I have mentioned repeatedly, it is important to enlarge our perspective in order to have a more Loving relationship with ourselves and life - so it was important that I spent a lot of time and energy investigating levels that most people don't ever really have to think much about in their recovery. I hope these articles will help you to stop buying into any messages you hear that don't ultimately support Love as the highest Truth, as the ultimate Truth. I wrote these two articles because I see a lot of spiritual teachers out there who are teaching that Love is who you really are and that we are all connected in ONENESS - but sadly, are still giving out messages that aren't Loving.

I am going to end this article with first a quote from my Attack on America book - which includes a quote from my Trilogy about my Cosmic beliefs. And then I am going to include some lines from the very end of my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. The purpose of these articles is to help you learn to be a little more Loving to your self. We are all butterflies whose minds keep telling us we are caterpillars; Swans who still feel like ugly ducklings. It is our codependency that causes us to keep allowing the old tapes and old wounds to define us. Codependency Recovery is about owning who we really are by tuning into the Truth that resonates with our Spirit - even when, especially when, life is not feeling very Loving.

Life is in some ways not feeling very Loving to me right now, so I wrote these articles to remind me of who I am and why I am here in human body at this place in time. I hope that sharing my experience, strength, and hope helps remind you of who you really are and why you are here - so that you can lighten up and enJoy today more than you would have if you hadn't read this article.

I end all of my workshops and grief groups with two prayers. One of them is a group Serenity Prayer. The other is to have everyone do the Hokey Pokey. That is a reminder to lighten up and not take this life business so personally and seriously. We are unconditionally Loved. We always have been, and always will be. Each and every one of us is perfectly where we are supposed to be on our Spiritual Path - and we are being guided Home. Love & Joy to You & Me. ~ Robert 11/9/08

"The bottom line is finding a way to live life that works to help us be more Loving to ourselves. That works to help us open up to happiness and Joy and freedom from living in reaction to the past. I am sharing my relative Truth with you as an alternate perspective for you to consider. It has helped me to Lighten up and enjoy life. (We are moving from dark to Light and from heavy / serious to light and not so attached to the illusion - learning to relate to life more as a sitcom and less as a tragedy.) A quote from that personal journal I write for my Joy2MeU Journal states it quite nicely I think.
"I was explaining to someone in a phone counseling session the other day, about how important I believe a Loving Spiritual belief system is in recovery. She said, but that is just a crutch, you are just playing a mind trick on yourself.

I said, so what. It works. Who can know what the Ultimate Truth really is? Not me. I choose a belief system that helps make my life easier and more enjoyable today. That works for me. That is the bottom line - it is functional.

I also happen to believe it is the Truth. What I have discovered as I kept surrendering and enlarging my paradigm - is that each new level I arrived at made perfect logical sense. I have to surrender to the intuitive, emotional side in order to reach a higher perspective, that I can then see makes perfect sense in a rational logical way.

That is how I have arrived at a more balanced way of living life, at a way that makes life a lot more enjoyable. If god really is judgmental and punishing, I will find out soon enough - that doesn't mean I have to let it mess up my life today. ;-)" - Joy2MeU Journal: My Unfolding Process - Transition, June -July 2001 - posted 7-01
I really like that: why let it mess up my life today. ;-)

. . . . In the meantime, I am going to end this with a capsule summary of my Cosmic belief system. This is the understanding of Truth that works for me." 
Spiritual Beings having a human experience


The True meaning and purpose of life is Spiritual evolution. Life is not about money, property and prestige. Life is not about success and failure, sin and punishment, right and wrong. We are not limited, shameful human beings who have to earn some spiritual afterlife. This life experience is not a test we can fail.

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We are a perfect part of the ONENESS of the Universal Source Energy / God / Goddess / Great Spirit. We are all extensions of, manifestations of, The Universal Source Energy. We have always been a part of the ONENESS - and always will be.

A small part of who we Truly are has extended downward vibrationally into an space/time Illusion of reality. Linear time exists only within this Illusion. Within this Illusion our consciousness is experiencing separation and evolving back to consciousness of ONENESS. This Spiritual evolutionary process is experienced as a journey through multiple realities, and multiple lifetimes within these illusions of reality.

The lifetime which you are experiencing at this moment is leg of that Spiritual evolutionary journey. We are here for a short time going to boarding school. This lifetime is only a small segment of a much longer journey. When we leave here, we go to the next segment of the journey. It is as if when we die, we are going off to college. Eventually we get to experience going Home to LOVE. In Truth we have never left, we are just experiencing a dream.
"Once upon a time, in a place where there is no time, in a place where there is no place, God was alone.

God is a great sea of living energy that has always been, and always will be. This energy field, the great sea of living energy, is ALL THAT IS in Reality. Nothing has ever existed, or ever will exist, outside of, or separate from, the energy field of ALL THAT IS. . . . . . .

God is, was, and ever will be, ALL-ONE.

And God was alone.

Now it came to pass that God, being the Mental energy of living intelligence and therefore ALL-Knowing, had a brilliant idea.

This idea is so brilliant that it has allowed God to remain ALL-ONE without being alone. In other words, this ingenious concept has allowed the Eternal I AM to share consciousness of the blessing of Infinite Bliss in ONENESS without changing the Reality of ALL THAT IS. Through this idea The Holy Mother Source Energy has created children composed of the energy of ALL THAT IS for the purpose of sharing LOVE.

(This Goddess is one smart cookie.)

For God's idea was to dream of creating a reality different from the Reality of All THAT IS. Such a dream is properly called a Creation Dream. The story you are about to read is about the Creation Dream which you are experiencing at this moment.

For you are one of the children of God/Goddess .
" - The Dance of the Wounded Souls Trilogy Book 1 History of the Universe Prologue
An excerpt from Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective Chapter 7 The Age of Atonement

"This is the Age of Healing and Joy. It is time to start remembering who you Truly are, to start feeling and tuning into the Truth which exists within you.

We are all butterflies.

We are all swans.

We are Spiritual Beings.

The Springtime of the Spirit has arrived: It is possible to learn to Love yourself.

It is possible to be happy, Joyous, and free - if you are willing to be scared and hurt, angry and sad.

You are Lovable.

You are Loved.

You are LOVE."

Quote from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls